Antique stone, decorative stone and masonry Antique princes




Antique stone princes volcanic rock minerals and nano-polymer produced under license by the Belgian

Modern and elegant architecture of the ancient world and national ,,,,,

You too can have a piece of the volcano Etna


Antique stone behalf of all applicants for all countries are asked to contact



Manufacturing of antique and decorative stones princes under license from the Belgian GT Yu

Refractory ore to produce antique style and also consistent with the nature of Tehran was founded in 1387 and launched




Antique stone, antique stone

Nano Ustun antyk amyran

Modern and elegant architecture of the ancient world and national ,,,,,

Antique and decorative stone building model based mineral Vdkvratyv pumice stone and mineral formula GT Yu Belgium under license

 The 15-year unconditional warranty Sbat paint, cracks, scaling powder, heat resistance, cold and humidity. 

All products are delivered in cartons

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Antique Stone models




Gallery antique stone






 Antique stone by stone and nano formulations Plybmr licensed Yo Amir GTA Belgium 

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